Gas Saving Tips

With the gas prices lately, we thought it would be helpful if we put together a few gas saving tips we have came up with and researched.

1. Get the junk out of the trunk. Really a no brainer I guess but many studies have shown that most drivers are cruising around with excessive amounts of unnecessary stuff in our vehicles. The additional weight from this stuff reduces our miles per gallon in our trucks, suv's and cars.

2. Slow down this is one of the easiest ways to improve your gas consumption and improve your miles per gallon.

3. Sometimes you just have to sweat it out. Cutting off the air conditioner can help improve your overall fuel efficiency. If you just cannot live without your A/C here are a couple suggestions. Cut off the A/C 5 minutes before you reach your destination. Try to always park in the shade. Keep your windows cracked when you first start your car to let the hot air circulate out.

4. Just because one route is shorter than the other does not mean you are on the best route to ensure high mpg. Avoid heavy traffic and lots of traffic lights on your routes if possible to help increase your fuel efficiency.

5. Pump'em Up! Pump up those tires slightly above the suggested amount to reduce the surface area that is actually in contact with the road. The suggested amount is typically around .2 PSI above the suggested air pressure requirements

6. To find the lowest gas prices in town here is a great site to visit they also have a smart phone application

If you have any suggestions to save gas and improve miles per gallon, please use the contact form and share them with us and we will get them posted!

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